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HTC One M8s unveiled

HTC One M8s unveiled

HTC might have delivered its top–end One M9 flagship to stores this week. But, not content with outing one of this year’s most promising handsets, it’s just revealed another new phone, the One M8s.

Essentially, it's a tweaked version of last year’s One M8. But with a few notable changes.

Gone is the four-megapixel Ultra Pixel camera, and in comes a new 13-megapixel snapper.

HTC has tickled the processor too, binning the 2.3GHz quad core chipset and swapping it for a 1.7Ghz octa-core effort.

This is unlikely to make a huge difference to performance, but should allow for some bragging on HTC’s part when it comes to the core count.

The front–facing shooter stays at five megapixels, meaning the new One M9 is still top of the selfie pile.

The screen remains a 5–inch 1080p number, while the battery is a touch larger than last year’s M8.

Price-wise, HTC is asking for £379 up front, which is pretty good going for a phone that comes with some very fancy specs.

Expect it to sell competitively on contract when it hits shelves at the end of April.

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