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FreedomPop free mobile service hits UK

FreedomPop free mobile service hits UK

FreedomPop, the US mobile network which offers customers free calls, texts and data, has confirmed it will launch in the UK this summer.

Users who sign up for FreedomPop’s basic package will get 200MB of data, 200 texts and 200 minutes of calls for nothing. The network says it will make money by selling bolt–ons.

These include the ability to add a second number to a SIM for £2 per month and the chance to browse anonymously. Users can also pay to roll over data to their next billing period.

A Jetsetter SIM will offer 100MB of free data to users who want to access the web on their phones while abroad.

With a million US subscribers, FreedomPop has already proved itself to be a success. Just over half of its users pay for extras.

Here in the UK, it will use Three’s network in order to deliver services, much like Carphone Warehouse’s new iD network.

The latter has already garnered much attention this week, thanks to cheap deals which include unlimited data access for just £20 a month.

That package includes 2,000 texts and 5,000 minutes.

Whether FreedomPop can compete when it rolls out in July remains to be seen, but the boom in MVNO networks shows no sign of abating as the major networks merge their operations.


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