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  5. Microsoft Cortana heads to iPhone and Android

Microsoft Cortana heads to iPhone and Android

Microsoft Cortana heads to iPhone and Android

Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant tool is heading to iPhone and Android. A new app for both platforms is landing later this summer, as Microsoft gears up for the release of its much–hyped Windows 10 operating system.

The Cortana app for iOS and Android will work in much the same way as it does on Windows Phone. That means you’ll be able to schedule appointments and reminders by speaking into the app.

You can ask it how long it will take you to drive home and pull up information about appointments and transport connections with a simple voice command.

Its biggest draw, however, is Cortana Notebook, which remembers your requests across any device.

This allows you to ask Cortana one thing on your iPhone and see all the same information on the dedicated Cortana app on a Windows 10 PC.

There are some features missing, however: you won’t be able to open apps by asking Cortana to do so and you can’t fire up your device by saying ‘Hey, Cortana’ into the speaker.

That’s because Microsoft does not have access to those aspects of iOS or Android.

Microsoft is also plotting a new Phone Companion app that will work across Windows 10, Android and iOS, allowing you to easily access files, apps and music from your PC while out and about.

Cortana for iOS has been given a non-specific launch date of later this year. The Android version will land in late June.



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