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Proactive: iOS 9’s Google Now rival revealed

Proactive: iOS 9’s Google Now rival revealed

Apple will reveal a new search and recommendation tool as part of iOS 9, designed to take on Google Now.

Dubbed Proactive, the feature is set to be revealed at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which starts on June 8th.

According to sources, Proactive will work in much the same way as Google Now.

That means that as well as being able to make device–wide searches for contacts, apps, audio and web results, users will also get time–specific reminders about key upcoming events.

Hooking up with the iPhone’s calendar, Proactive will be able to show forthcoming appointments, pulling up boarding cards if you’re about to take a flight.

Maps will also tie in with the service, so you can see directions to wherever you’re heading next.

While this will all sound familiar to Android users who use Google Now, the comparisons don’t end there.

google now

Apple will apparently allow Proactive to hook up to other key apps, learning when you use them and giving you a gentle reminder to do so at given times.

So, if you fire up Twitter at a certain time, it’ll be waiting and ready to open when you open Proactive. It could even learn when you make regular calls and nudge you to do so if you’ve forgotten.

Apple is also said to be readying a third-party developer tool for Proactive, which will also work with Siri, so devs can hook their add–ons into both services.

However, this is said to offer only stripped back access owing to security concerns.

Perhaps most interestingly of all, Apple is also said to be plotting a new ‘Browse Around Me’ augmented reality layer which will work with its Maps within Proactive.

Like Nokia HERE Maps, this will let users scan the area by holding up their phone and get contact details and reviews of bars, restaurants and shops.

Proactive is said to be accessible by swiping left on an iPhone, much like the old Spotlight tool on devices using iOS 6 or earlier.

More details should be unveiled at WWDC.



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