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iPad Pro: five new things we know

iPad Pro: five new things we know

The iPad Pro is back in the headlines.

The super size slate has apparently cropped up in new iOS 9 code, hinting at what we can expect from a device which has been rumoured for the best part of two years.

And with other stories about the future tablet doing the rounds, why not clue yourself in with the latest chatter?

Read on and we’ll tell you five new things to know about the iPad Pro.

1 Screen resolution revealed

ipad pro mock up

Eagle–eyed developers have found references in iOS 9 to to a scaled up iPad keyboard.

This has a resolution of 1,366 x 372, which means the overall display should come in at 1,366 x 1,024.

With Apple known for using a 2x high resolution modifier, this means the screen resolution of the iPad Pro should be 2,732 x 2,048, with 264 pixels per inch.

2 Screen size spot-on

ipad pro comparison

Having sussed out that resolution, developer Steven Troughton–Smith believes that the iPad Pro’s screen will come in at 12.93–inches.

This tallies with long time rumours about the device’s size, scotching other suggestions that it would come with a 12.2–inch display.

Either way, this thing will be as large as a MacBook and almost as powerful.


usb-c apple

Apple caused controversy with its new MacBook when it binned off all connections and opted to use only USB–C in its new high–end laptop.

It’s thought it could be doing the same with the iPad Pro, with supply chain sources claiming last month that it had plans to bring in the new universal standard.

Whether it will exist alongside the Lightning connector found in the current range is unclear.

However, it would make the iPad Pro easy to hook up to monitors, keyboards and other accessories, making it a powerful business tool.

4 Force Touch

force touch apple

Apple’s haptic feedback tech is already available in the Apple Watch and MacBook, with suggestions that it could soon be coming to the new iPhone range.

Its inclusion in the iPad Pro, touted by the same sources who say USB–C is a shoo–in, would make a lot of sense, giving the touchscreen added smarts and making it easier to edit fiddly spreadsheets and presentations.

5 Bluetooth stylus

ipad pro 3d model

Steve Jobs famously once said that ‘if you saw a stylus, they blew it’. However, Tim Cook and co appear set on bringing a Bluetooth connected stylus out alongside the iPad Pro.

This would make it appealing to business types and help it take on devices such as Microsoft Surface and Samsung’s Galaxy Note range.

There’s potential for impressive handwriting recognition and more intuitive touchscreen tech too.

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