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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumours, specs, price & release date round-up

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumours, specs, price & release date round-up

Now almost five generations into its life, Samsung’s Galaxy Note range has gone from a niche product to a massive-selling smartphone that pretty much singlehandedly invented the phablet market.

This year, the word is that we’ve reputedly got not one but two iterations to look forward to. The standard Galaxy Note 5 model and a second screen-toting 'Edge' variant that updates last year’s Galaxy Note Edge.

A 4K screen of the sort of that positively caresses your retinas is reportedly in the pipeline too. And they'll be a Muscle Beach-honed, more brawny processor from Exynos and a suite of fresh features based around the Note’s trademark stylus.

To help you keep track of the Note 5 chatter, we’ve collated everything on this page. We've got fanciful chatter that’s balder than a bad excuse. And we've got solid-gold leaks from some of the world’s best connected tech analysts. It's all right here.

Galaxy Note 5 release date rumours

samsung galaxy note 5 render 1

When’s the launch? When can you actually buy it? Here’s the inside line...

It’ll tip up at the IFA show in September

ifa berlin logo

New versions of the Galaxy Note always land at the IFA Berlin technology expo in September.

Until Samsung says otherwise, it’s probably safe to assume this year will be no different.

This year’s IFA takes place between September 4th and 9th. But, in keeping with Samsung’s habit, we can likely expect an announcement on the eve of the event.

It’ll be here much earlier, actually

samsung galaxy note 4 top detail

Who Wired Korea reports that Samsung will bring forward the Note 5’s release date and that it could be here as early as July.

Meanwhile, insiders cited by Business Daily have named a big-reveal date of August 13th at an event in New York.

Of course, given that the iPhone 6S is due in September, it makes more than a modicum of commercial sense for Samsung to rush release the Note 5 to ensure it beats Apple’s phone to shop shelves.

After all, that sales window of a few months could mean tens of millions of sales for the Note 5 from punters who might otherwise buy an iPhone 6S instead.

Even so, with the September Note refresh date seemingly so set in stone, we’d be very surprised if Samsung deviates from what’s been an extraordinary successful strategy so far.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design rumours

samsung galaxy note 5 render 3

Bigger? More rounded? All-metal? More leather? And what about colour options? We get skin-deep about the Note 5.

There’s the standard Note 5 and a Note 5 Edge with a curved display

According to pretty much everyone and his uncle, we'll be able to choose from Galaxy Note 5 with a conventional smartphone form factor and the Note 5 Edge. The latter features a screen that curves over the side of the device and functions as a secondary display.

Word is that like the Galaxy S6 Edge, this will be function as a kind of ticker-cum-notifications bar to keep you in the loop.

No more warm leatherette. It’s very metal this year

samsung galaxy note 4 side

The leather-effect plastic back of the Note 4 was widely regarded to have blighted what was otherwise a pretty exemplary phone.

So it’s perhaps not too surprising that it’ll apparently be gone for the Note 5. And, as renders sourced by @OnLeaks and suggest, will be replaced by more premium all-metal build.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 screen rumours

For years, Note phones got larger each time they respawned. But with the latest edition chafing at the very edge of the phone-tablet cut-off point, some reckon that’s no longer an option.

So what’s Samsung’s hook for tech fans this time? Let’s see what the rumourmill reckons.

**There are two iterations

samsung galaxy s6 edge side

As indicated above, we'll seemingly be able to choose from a Note Edge model (for ref see the Edge variant of the Galaxy S6 above) and the more conventionally shaped Galaxy Note 5.

Given Samsung’s mania for endless iterations and current ardour for second screen-toting Note models, we’d be staggered if there weren’t two editions of the Note to choose from this time around.

A whopping 5.9-inch 4K screen is on board

sony 4k tv

Chatter doing the rounds indicates that Samsung is hard at work on a 5.9-inch 4K Ultra HD Super AMOLED screen.

There’s no confirmation that the lavish display, which is purportedly on course to be finished in April, is intended for the Galaxy Note 5.

But Samsung is on record that it plans to bring 4K screens to phones this year. And with the Galaxy S6 already out in the wild, it seems fair to assume that its ‘other flagship’ range will be the one that debuts the tech.

Really? I’ve heard they’ll feature the same sized screen

Sam Mobile claims the screen for the Note 5 and Note 5 Edge will come in at either 5.4-inches or 5.5-inches. If that’s so it seems that dimensions-wise at least, it’s staying pretty much exactly in line with Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 camera rumours

samsung galaxy note 4 camera

Just how many megapixels are we talking, exactly? Can we expect superior selfies? Any new photo effects too? Here’s how the Note 5’s camera is shaping up.

Samsung is maxing the megapixels

Valuewalk’s sources claim the Note 5 will be home to a 21-megapixel camera, with a six-megapixel front-facer. Although more megapixels isn’t a guarantee of better pictures, it certainly helps.

No, it isn’t

Gizbot claims quite the opposite and cites insiders who swear that the camera is getting a relatively incremental upgrade from 16-megapixels on the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 software

android m

What are this year’s big software ‘sells’ when it comes to Samsung’s take on Android?

It’s running Android 5.1. And with less bloatware than you might expect

samsung galaxy s6 s health

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Samsung’s forthcoming phone is nailed on to run the latest ‘M’ version of Android from launch.

But it may surprise some that, aside from special features that take advantage of Samsung’s S-Pen stylus and S Health and S Voice, it should also take a leaf out of the Galaxy S6’s book and keep proprietary, storage-squeezing apps to a minimum. That's a major win in our book.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 processor rumours

Samsung Exynos processor banner

Brawn is best. Might is right. So what’s Samsung planning to do about it?

Qualcomm Octa-core. You know the score!

A smattering of sources claim that Samsung will choose an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, with 4GB of RAM for the Note 5. That’s a very welcome upgrade from the quad-core Snapdragon 805 model in the Note 4.

Except that it’ll actually use an Exynos processor

Others reckon Samsung will bring the Note 5’s processor and fit it with one of its own Exynos models. Most likely either the Exynos 7420 or the Exynos 7422.

That’s a theory lent credence by the fact that Samsung went with an Exynos chipset for the Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 price rumours: how much will it be?

saving money

Last time, the Note 4 was on sale for around £650 from launch if you wanted it outright and off-contract. We expect the Note 5 to be broadly in line with that.

The Edge variant is likely to set you back between £150 or £200 extra.

Contract prices will for the Note 5 will likely start at £35 per month or so, with Note 5 Edge prices starting at £45 per month.

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