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iOS 9 flight tracking option revealed

iOS 9 flight tracking option revealed

Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 platform features a flight tracking tool that can automatically detect details and show users the exact position of a plane between locations.

The feature, discovered by Reddit users, was not shown off by Apple during its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in June, when it first revealed iOS 9.

Its simplicity is striking. To get flight info you just have to type an airline name and flight number, prefixing the latter with a #, into any text field in apps such as iMessage, notes, SMS and Mail and it’ll turn into an actionable link.

Hold it down and you’ll see an option to Preview Flight. Tap this and you’ll see a map screen with the plane’s current location, as well as any information on landing times and late departures.

Those already with flight tracking apps are unlikely to install their third-party tools in a hurry. But Apple’s inclusion of this new feature is another example of the improved search functionality that can be expected from iOS 9.

iOS 9 is expected to launch in the wake of the iPhone 6S. That device is set to be revealed at an event on September 9th.



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