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  5. iPhone 6S: Five new rumours you need to know about

iPhone 6S: Five new rumours you need to know about

iPhone 6S: Five new rumours you need to know about

Apple is all set to reveal its latest iPhones in just a few weeks.

The Cupertino company is enjoying its annual surge in rumours and headlines as tech watchers try to piece together parts and chatter to see whether they can guess what Tim Cook and co are up to ahead of launch.

With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus set to be superseded, here are the latest rumours you need to know about.

The battery is smaller

iphone 6 battery leak 2

It might seem ludicrous, but a report from China based on supply-chain sources reckons that Apple will actually cut the size of the battery in its new iPhones.

The iPhone 6S will come with a 1715 mAh battery, down from 1800 mAh. The iPhone 6 Plus will slip from 2910 man to 2750 mAh.

This may not hamper how long your phone keeps kicking. The suggestion is that Apple will eke out more efficiency from the smaller power units.

2 Force Touch is on

iphone 6s force touch part

Parts leaks suggest Apple is definitely priming Force Touch for the iPhone 6S.

A never–before–seen chip has been spotted on the new iPhone display, while the screen is 0.2mm thicker than last year.

Force Touch has been mooted for some time, with Apple believed to be bringing the Apple Watch tech to its phone.

It should mean presses are every bit as important as swipes, making the phone quicker to use.

3 Design stays the same

iphone 6s leak steve 1

It’s been known for ages, but being an 'S year', 2015 means that the iPhone will look just the same as last year.

Don’t expect Apple to be too concerned. Word is it’s ordered more units than ever in the expectation that demand will soar the minute it announces its new phones.

4 Selfie flash

group selfie oscar

A beefed-up camera is set to be one of the iPhone 6S’s key features. Word is it’ll have a 12-megapixel shooter and support 4K video.

What’s more, Apple is said to be adding a front–facing flash aimed at those who love taking selfies as well as well crafted snaps with the rear camera.

Expect Tim Cook to play this aspect up when he takes the stage at Apple’s launch in a few weeks.

5 Release date imminent

apple invite september 9th

Apple has confirmed it is hosting a special event for September 9th. And it's beyond all reasonable doubt it'll be marked by the arrival of the next-gen iPhone.

The new iPhone range should then be in shops the following week, on September 18th.

If Apple enjoys anything like last year’s success, it’ll be well on its way to defeating Samsung et al in the smartphone wars.

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