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Amazon readying $50 tablet

Amazon readying $50 tablet

Amazon is readying a tablet that'll be priced just $50 when it’s released in the United States later this year. That’s according to the Wall Street Journal, which has spoken to ‘people familiar with the matter’.

The screen will come in at a not insubstantial six inches, although it will cost just half the price of the current Fire HD 6 tablet that's home to a display of the same size.

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Exact specs remain unclear, although one source said it will feature a pared-back mono speaker, meaning it’ll be little use for playing music or watching lengthy video clips.

Despite being roughly the same size as some of the more capacious mobile phones on the market, Amazon's $50 tablet will not be able to make calls.

The online retail giant's own Fire Phone was a failure and it appears it's not keen to revive that project under a different guise.

The retail giant will apparently release the cheap tablet alongside two other budget models with 8–inch and 10–inch screens.

Amazon will face stiff competition, with Apple set to reveal its new iPad mini 4 this week, with the costs of its older models likely to fall accordingly.



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