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  5. iOS 9 slide to upgrade problem hits iPhone owners

iOS 9 slide to upgrade problem hits iPhone owners

iOS 9 slide to upgrade problem hits iPhone owners

Thousands of iPhone users attempting to update to iOS 9 were stymied last night, due to an apparent bug that left many concerned their handset had just become an expensive doorstop.

The glitch, which users have widely reported on Apple Support Forums, occurs when the new software is downloaded to iTunes. At this point, handset owners are presented with a pop-up window that states ‘Verifying Update’ and are prompted to ‘Slide to Upgrade’.

However, when they tried to do so they’re unable to move the slider across and the phone seems frozen. Cue panic.

But cool your boots, chaps. This isn’t the end and you’re phone isn’t bricked. There are fixes at-hand, which appear to work to a greater or lesser extent.

One lo-fi, hassle-free suggestion is pressing the power button. Apparently this takes a few tries, but can unlock the phone. If you're lucky, you’ll then be presented with a black screen and the update starts seconds later.

ios 9

We’ve also heard murmurings that the problem is related to the version of iOS you were running before you started the update. Apparently, if it’s too early, say 7.0, the ‘slide to update’ problem ensues.

If that sounds like you, it appears your best bet is to downgrade to iOS 8.4.1 and then update to iOS 9. There’s a proper walkthrough right here: iOS 9 fix.

If that doesn’t work, we're afraid that’s all we’ve got for now. So you’ll probably just have to restore your phone’s factory settings and bide your time for Apple to tackle the problem.

Unless that is you’ve already discovered an alternative fix for us. In which case, perhaps you'd be kind enough to let us know in the comments section below.


Apple has since issued an official fix for the problem. You'll find it here.

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