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  5. Apple Music for Android: Five things you need to know

Apple Music for Android: Five things you need to know

Apple Music for Android: Five things you need to know

Apple Music has broken out of iOS’s walled garden and has landed on Android for the first time.

The streaming service, which first launched in June, is hoping to take on Spotify by being platform-agnostic and targeting users no matter what device they use. Or at least that’s Apple’s plan.

Keen to give it a try? Here are five things you need to know about Apple Music on Android.

1 It’s out now

apple music android screen shot leak

Got an Android phone? Then fire up Google Play now, tap Apple Music into the search bar and you’ll find the app there and ready to download.

Apple has released the app globally, as it looks to ram home its advantage and take a slice out of Spotify’s user share.

Chances are it’ll do well. Last month Apple revealed it had 6.5 million paying subscribers, a third of Spotify’s 20million.

2 And it’s been designed for Android

apple music header

It would be easy to think that because it’s Apple, and because Apple loves its own design so much, that things wouldn’t have been tweaked for Google’s OS.

However, Cupertino has tweaked the look and feel of Apple Music for Android.

That means slide-out menus, icons that fit in with Google’s design language and fonts that look just like those in other Android apps.

Whoever said Apple and Google couldn’t get on?

3 The key features are all on board

beats 1 radio

As well as 30 million of streaming tracks that are available to search, Apple Music for Android offers the same basic feature set as its iOS counterpart.

The upshot is that you get Beats 1 radio, Apple’s Connect social network for getting latest updates from artists and curated playlists so you can find out the best new music easily.

4 It costs the same

apple music price

Apple isn’t doing the dirty on Android users by ramping up prices for not owning an iPhone or iPad.

A monthly package costs £9.99 for individuals, or £14.99 for the family package, which allows up to six users on a single account.

Importantly, Android users can also take advantage of Apple’s three months' free trial, so there’s nothing to pay until February.

5 But some features are AWOL


Apple is keen to stress that Apple Music for Android is still in beta. That means that you can’t access music videos or set up that aforementioned family pack on an Android device.

To do the latter, you’ll need to fire up the service via an iOS device. Fine if you have an iPad, not so handy if you don’t.

However, that beta status will only be temporary meaning any other missing features won’t be too long in coming to the party.

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