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Cortana for iOS beta goes live

Cortana for iOS beta goes live

Cortana, Microsoft’s personal voice assistant, is already a key feature on Windows Phones and has been available to trial on Android handsets and tablets for a while.

Now though, the Big M is letting iOS users in on the action, asking iPhone and iPad owners to sign up for its Cortana beta test programme.

The service will allow users to interact with Microsoft’s virtual assistant on their phones and tablets, as well as working seamlessly on a Windows 10 PC. The idea is that Cortana can start a task on one device and help finish it on another.

That means users can set reminders on their desktop and Cortana will give them a nudge via their phone at the appropriate time.

Of course, being an iOS version, there are some major Windows–based features missing. Most importantly, users can’t say ‘Hey Cortana’ to wake up their iPhone, something which is a key function on new Lumia phones.

For now, the beta programme is available in the US and China only, although a global rollout is expected to start soon.



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