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Top 5 mobile winners of 2015

Top 5 mobile winners of 2015

For all that some of tech's biggest names found 2015 a struggle, others, large and small, have been having a rare old time of it.

These are our picks for the mobile winners of the year. We'll name the losers in due course.


tube apple pay

Apple is not a company without problems: the Apple Watch appears to be struggling and iPad sales aren't what they used to be.

But when it comes to the iPhone, Apple is unstoppable. This is a device that just will not quit, with fresh design quirks ensuring that new users continue to get on board and repeat customers continue to upgrade.

Some 13 million iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus units were sold on opening weekend alone. Quarterly sales continue to soar, helping Apple to post the biggest corporate profit in history in January.

The upshot is that its domination of the high–end market seems unassailable. And now Chinese sales are booming too.


huawei nexus 6 all colours

The Chinese mobile-maker Huawei had a huge 2015. Its most recent results were buoyed by an 81% year–on–year rise in sales, making it China’s biggest smartphone manufacturer.

But it’s not just at home that it’s doing well. Globally, the firm’s devices are earning critical acclaim and enjoying commercial success.

In the first half of the year, Huawei said it shifted 48.2 million phones, with IDC figures confirming its now the third-largest mobile-manufacturer behind Samsung and Apple.


samsung galaxy s6 edge plus in hand

Yes, Samsung has had a torrid year of it. And yes, there are plenty of reasons we consider it to be one of 2015’s biggest losers in the smartphone space.

But for all that, it remains the biggest seller of smartphones in the world, with 23.8% share of the market. Critically, it has also emerged with plenty of credit.

Its Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, which is a larger version of the similarly game-changing standard-sized S6 Edge, is a stunning piece of kit and has brought innovation to a mobile space desperate for something new.

Whether it can get back to being the behemoth of old remains to be seen, but Samsung still makes very dependable devices.


motorola moto x style review sample photo

Another Chinese mobile-maker make good, Lenovo has seen more than 11% year–on–year growth as of October and is now the world’s fourth largest smartphone vendor.

The Motorola-owner has enjoyed critical success thanks to phones made using that old-school brand, while it is eating into traditional companies’ share in emerging markets.


android marshmallow google

For all its major niggles with Android, an operating system that appears fragmented to the point of no return, Google has enjoyed a solid 2015.

Its latest update to the operating system, Marshmallow, brings with it improved battery life and less intrusive app permissions, a big deal when security and privacy are such headline news.

Throw in plans for monthly security patches to stop problems with malware and a look and feel which is much more streamlined, and you’re seeing Android becoming a lot more uniform in look across the newest of partner devices.

Its Nexus phones are sharper than ever and its apps remain a solid bet for iOS as well as Android-owners.

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