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Facebook kills off string of apps

Facebook kills off string of apps

Facebook has removed a number of apps developed by its in–house Creative Labs team from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play.

Slingshot, Rooms and Riff have all been taken down as part of a wider move which also sees Creative Labs shut its doors. Creative Labs had been launched as an incubator for Facebook staffers’ app ideas but has not been a success.

Slingshot was Facebook’s attempt at taking on the success of Snapchat, while Rooms was a group–messaging system which has been feeling the pinch from the likes of Slack, not to mention the Facebook–owned WhatsApp.

Riff, a video creation app designed to be used collaboratively, has also been pulled.

Facebook says that many of the key elements of each app have been folded into its enormously popular Messenger app. At launch, Creative Labs was billed as a small part of the Facebook business, without any ambitions to attract billions of users.



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