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  5. iOS 9 now on 75% of iPhones and iPads

iOS 9 now on 75% of iPhones and iPads

iOS 9 now on 75% of iPhones and iPads

iOS 9 has been installed on 75% of all compatible iPhones and iPads, according to official figures from Apple.

2014’s iOS 8 is still found on 19% of Apple’s phones and tablets, while older versions of the iOS platform account for 7%. The data was measured on January 11th.

In the past month, 4% of iPhone users have moved to iOS 9. Apple looks set to break the 80% barrier over the coming months, with a new iPhone 6c budget phone due for a March launch and certain to drive growth.

The stats prove iOS 9 is enjoying faster growth than iOS 8, which was installed on 68% of phones and tablets at this point in its lifecycle.

By contrast, Google’s latest Android Marshmallow software is installed on just 0.7% of devices running Android, laying bare just how fragmented the platform remains.

Apple this week revealed its latest iOS 9 beta, featuring a new Night Shift mode designed to cut down on blue light and improve sleep for those using their phones before bed.



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