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  5. Apple reveals massive support in FBI fight

Apple reveals massive support in FBI fight

Apple reveals massive support in FBI fight

Apple has revealed that a vast number of Silicon Valley companies and major tech players are offering support in its courtroom fight against the FBI over access to a terrorist’s iPhone.

The company has officially released a list of all the firms, campaigners and academics who are standing behind the tech giant. Each one has supplied documents or letters to support Apple’s stance that allowing a so–called backdoor to a single iPhone sets a dangerous precedent for wider privacy.

While support from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Amazon was already known about, Apple has also been able to turn to a string of other major web outfits. These include the likes of Airbnb, Yahoo, eBay, Squarespace, WhatsApp, Pinterest and Slack.

Apple has been arguing since mid–February that it should not be forced to comply with an FBI order to create software to hack into the iPhone of a terrorist behind last year’s San Bernardino attacks, which left 14 dead.

Apple says that such software does not exist and that it could easily fall into the wrong hands, leaving millions of iPhones vulnerable.

The FBI has accused Apple of using the case as a ‘marketing ploy’, saying the phone holds information vital to the case.



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