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iOS 9.3 available to install now

iOS 9.3 available to install now

The latest version of Apple's iOS operating system is available to download now, bringing with it an app that promises to help you sleep and improved versions of the Notes and News applications.

iOS 9.3's key feature is Night Shift, a clever function that detects when it’s dark outside and automatically adjusts the light which the iPhone emits from blue to yellow.

Apple says this could improve your sleep at night, with blue light said to inhibit resting patterns when used in the hours before bed.

Elsewhere, Apple has added better security for its Notes app, allowing users to protect sensitive scribblings via Touch ID. This means you can store bank details and the like and only access them using your fingerprint.

The News app now offers more scope for customisation, while Health has full Apple Watch integration, a key omission from the tech giant's smartwatch.

Apple has also thrown in some new 3D Touch shortcuts for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus users. These can be found in native apps such as Weather, Compass and Stocks.

There is now multi user support, a first for iOS and aimed at student and workplace users who want different profiles. This is already a key feature on Apple’s Macs.

To download iOS 9.3, head into your iPhone or iPad’s Settings app. The update works on iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and higher.

Find out more about Apple's new software here: Five things you need to know about iOS 9.3..

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