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iPhone 7: New rumours point to name change and more

iPhone 7: New rumours point to name change and more

A string of new iPhone 7 rumours have set tongues wagging in the tech world, after one Chinese site claimed that Apple could rebrand its largest device as the iPhone Pro.

The report ties into previous chatter which suggested that Apple was working on two versions of the iPhone 7 Plus. One with a standard single lens camera and the other a dual lens–packing effort and possibly improved internal specs.

While it always seemed likely that this was a case of Apple testing which device was best, Chinese site MyDrivers believes both will see a release. The device with the single lens camera will be called the iPhone 7 Plus, while the model with dual lens tech will be dubbed the iPhone Pro.

This naming strategy fits in with Apple’s purported plan to drop the iPad Air name and rename the device iPad Pro when it releases its latest tablet in a few weeks. Apple is also said to be calling its new 4–inch iPhone the iPhone SE, dropping numbers from the device’s name for the first time.

However, any such rumour should be treated with caution at this early stage.

Other new rumours also appear to back up Apple’s plans to slim down the iPhone 7. A new report from Japan says the phone will be just 6.1mm wide and feature stereo speakers as well as ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack. The latter will be replaced by the existing Lightning connector.

The iPhone 7 is due to be released in autumn this year.

Source MacRumors

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