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iPhone SE lampooned in parody video

iPhone SE lampooned in parody video

This isn't the first Apple parody advert. But it's almost certainly the first to feature the just announced iPhone SE.

YouTube channel jacksfilms wasted no time in putting the boot in to Apple, releasing its parody video shortly after Monday's announcement had finished.

It takes the form of an advert for the device. But instead of gushing praise, it tells it like it is.

The spoof describes the handset as "the most powerful 4-inch phone ever. Even though 4-inch phones haven't been a thing since 2012."

It goes on: "It's great for people who love gaming but hate all that free space."

Instead of deliberating over what SE actually stands for (Special Edition, apparently), it pronounces it as the "iPhone say".

It also describes the handset as twice as powerful as the iPhone 5S, "a phone that came out three years ago".

The ad finishes by describing the handset as "the time-travelling iPhone SE, a phone from three years ago starting at $400. We are so sorry, Steve."

What do you think? Is it a bit harsh, or right on the money? Let us know in the comments.

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