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Google Duo launches on Android and iPhone


Google Duo, the search giant’s new video chat app, has officially arrived on Android phones and Apple’s iPhone. The application was first revealed at Google's I/O conference back in May, at which time it was titled Allo.

Duo is different to Google’s existing Hangouts app, which allows you to make group video calls and is now set to be re-targeted to appeal to business users. For Duo Google has kept things simple, with the ability to call only one person at a time.

Google also says it’s trying to make it easier to find users who also have the app, an issue which causes plenty of confusion in both Hangouts and rival VoIP platforms such as Skype and Apple’s FaceTime.

Duo is tied to your phone’s number rather than your Google account, meaning you see a list of your main contacts within the app and a marker next to their name if they have Duo. If not, you can press a button to send a text and invite them to use the service.

The design is basic, with an interface not dissimilar to FaceTime. The big draw, though, is the claim that it will work seamlessly whenever you change from Wi–Fi to mobile data and when data connections weaken.

The aim, Google says, is for Duo to work on all smartphones, whether they’re budget handsets or blockbuster models.

Google Duo is available to download now. Grab it here on Android. Or here for iPhones.



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