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iPhone 7: Key features confirmed in new report


Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 7 will come with a pressure-sensitive home button and improved cameras and will ditch a standard headphone slot. That’s according to anonymous sources speaking with Bloomberg about Apple’s plans.

The forecasts from the insiders cited by the business news site chime with previous rumours about what to expect from Apple’s new smartphone.

The updated device will feature the same design as the previous two versions, as Apple looks towards a major overhaul in 2017.

Changes to the home button have been reported previously, but never from a such a high-ranking news source.

Word is that Apple will ditch the standard physical key seen in every iPhone since 2007, instead offering a flush key which uses Apple’s taptic engine to register presses.

The larger iPhone 7 Plus will come with a dual lens camera, says the source. However, there’s no mention of whether Apple will release two large screen models, as some tech watchers have claimed.

Tweaks to the headphone slot now seem certain, with Apple doubtless set to cop criticism for not offering a basic feature found on almost every smartphone, tablet and laptop.

The iPhone 7 is due to launch around September 9th.



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