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  5. iPhone 7 leak confirms 32GB will be entry-level model

iPhone 7 leak confirms 32GB will be entry-level model

iphone 7 storage

Apple’s soon-to-land iPhone 7 won't be available in a 16GB storage option, with the cheapest, entry-level model set to be equipped with 32GB of capacity instead.

The tech giant will also offer 128GB and 256GB iterations for those in need of additional space for apps, games, music and videos.

Apple's plans were revealed in a leaked internal document, which also shows that the flash storage units for the forthcoming handsets will be provided to Apple by Toshiba.

Previous rumours pointed towards Apple ditching the 16GB version of its smartphone in favour of a 32GB edition.

However, this is the most concrete proof yet that the iPhone 7 will come with more storage space as standard.

It’s unclear how this will affect pricing. But it's likely Apple will offer the 32GB model at the same £539 SIM–free price point as the current 16GB iPhone 6s, with the 128GB and 256GB models priced significantly higher.

The iPhone 7 is due to launch in early September and go on sale a few weeks later.

The new smartphone is due to come with only minor updates, including changes to the antenna bands and an improved camera. There will be no headphone slot.



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