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  5. You can now try the iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode

You can now try the iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode

iPhone 7 Plus jet black

iPhone 7 Plus owners can now use their camera’s clever, new portrait mode, after the tech giant released a work-in-progress version of its iOS 10.1 software.

The first update to iOS 10 since it launched last week adds the camera function that was heavily touted during Apple’s recent iPhone launch event.

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To download iOS 10.1 and trial the portrait mode you'll need to sign up to Apple's beta tester program. You can do that right here

Portrait mode utilises the iPhone 7 Plus’s dual lens camera set-up to deliver pin-sharp pictures.

It uses the phone's telephoto lens to capture the image, while the wide angle lens captures perspective and depth–of–field information.

Image processing tech then blurs the background and sharpens the subject, serving up the kind of portraits usually associated with high–end compact cameras and DSLRs.

The tech is said to be based on that acquired by Apple from start-up LinX last year.

There was widespread disappointment when it was discovered that the feature would not be available on the iPhone 7 Plus at launch.

The complete, non-trial version of iOS 10.1 is likely to be made avaiable to the general public in a few weeks' time.

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