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Galaxy Note 7: Samsung facing backlash in China

Exploding devices lead to criticism from consumers and government.
samsung galaxy note 7 with box

Samsung is facing another major headache, after it found itself on the receiving end of criticism in China about its faulty Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

Despite embarking on a global recall of the phone due to exploding batteries, Samsung did not actually recall the Galaxy Note 7 in China.

The gadget-maker says this is because it used a different supplier for Chinese versions of the phone.

However, a string of consumer reports have claimed that devices in the country have also been exploding, leaving owners to wonder why they aren’t being offered replacement devices. Samsung is already testing one phone sold in China after it blew up.

More worryingly for Samsung, it’s been dubbed arrogant by Chinese state TV.

Officials are said to be angry that the company issued an apology to customers in the US, but said that exploding handsets in China are not its fault.

The row is likely to hit Samsung’s profits, especially as China is an increasingly competitive smartphone market.

Apple has grown rapidly there and local manufacturers continue to outperform brands which are bigger in the west.

Samsung has said sorry for any “confusion and unease” it’s created in China.


Business Insider

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