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iPhone 8 wireless charging: Evidence mounts

iPhone 8 concept size

Apple’s plans to include wireless charging in next year’s iPhone 8 appears to be a step closer, after a company which makes the tech revealed it had received hefty investment from one of Apple’s key component partners.

Energous says it has taken $10 million in investments from Dialog Semiconductor, a company that works with Apple to build ‘power management solution’.

Energous’ technology allows smartphones to be charged without being plugged into a USB port or mains power. Rather than using a wireless charging plate like the ones sold for existing Android devices, it uses a special chip within the phone and a separate base station, meaning users can charge their phone from as far as 15 feet.

This potentially means that a room or building with a number of base stations could allow the iPhone 8 to charge constantly.

Energous has said before that it’s working with a ‘tier 1’ mobile maker, leading Apple watchers to deduce that it’s teamed up with the Cupertino company.

The iPhone 8 is expected to feature a new all–glass design and is said to come in three sizes: 4.7–inch, 5–inch and 5.5–inch. The latter is believed to feature a curved screen.

Source BGR

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