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iPhone 8 to include wireless charging?

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The iPhone 8 looks set to feature wireless charging tech, with Apple's key manufacturing partner Foxconn said to be testing special modules that will be included inside the next–generation device.

A source close to Foxconn says the Chinese manufacturing firm has begun production of the required components, but that their inclusion depends on whether they stand up to rigorous testing.

It’s not clear whether Apple would offer a wireless charging plate, along the same lines as the one made by Samsung for its Galaxy S smartphones.

Previous rumours suggested forthcoming MacBook computers could include a wireless charging module on which the device can be placed to power it up.

Wireless charging would give the iPhone a much–needed boost, especially with sales flagging over the past year.

It would also add to a growing list of impressive specs mooted for the iPhone 8, with a curved screen, OLED display tech and a new camera all said to be in the works.

Last week it was reported that Apple will release three versions of the iPhone 8: 4.7–inch and 5–inch models with a flat screen and a larger 5.5–inch Plus model with a curved display.



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