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Super Mario Run for iPhone out December 15th


Super Mario Run, the first mobile game to star Nintendo’s best known character (officially, at least), will launch on Apple’s iPhone on December 15th.

The game, first revealed to huge fanfare at Apple’s iPhone 7 launch in September, looks set to be Nintendo’s second mobile gaming smash of 2016, after it enjoyed huge success with Pokemon Go.

Super Mario Run will be free to download, with iPhone owners able to try out each of the game’s three modes without paying. Stumping up a one–off fee of $9.99 will, though, give you full access in the US. UK pricing has yet to be confirmed.

The old school-style platform title allows you to take Mario running and jumping through a pixel-y world that harks back to classic Nintendo titles.

The Japanese gaming giant has already revealed it will bring Super Mario Run to Google Android next year.

There are also plans afoot for other Nintendo classics, including Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, to make the jump to mobile.



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