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iPhone 7: New bug stopping users making calls

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Apple’s iPhone 7 is suffering from a major bug which is preventing some owners from making calls on their new smartphone.

Reports from a string of users on Apple’s official discussion boards suggest the issue is widespread, although the Cupertino company has yet to acknowledge the fault.

One user, BingoBones, wrote: “I have the new iPhone7 [sic]. The Phone APP [sic] often freezes and requires me to "hard-close" the app by double clicking the home button and swiping up.

"Is this a known issue? Does anyone know how to fix? My software is up to date iOS 10.1.1”

A number of users said they were suffering from the same problem.

Marinegate said: “I have soft reset, factory data reset and completed an online chat with Apple.

"There is no fix and I am going to have to get a warranty exchange.”

Fixes are said to include turning off Exchange contacts or even asking networks to reset your phone.

News of the bug comes just weeks after Apple began replacing faulty batteries in a number of iPhone 6s models.

It also recently admitted to problems with the touchscreen on 2014’s iPhone 6 Plus.



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