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HTC Sense Companion now available on U Ultra and U Play

HTC Sense Companion

HTC has started to roll out its Sense Companion to the U Ultra and U Play devices.

Sense Companion is HTC’s new artificial intelligence-augmented digital assistant, designed to offer helpful suggestions and even pre-empt how you want to use your phone based on your behaviours.

Initially, features are set to include helpful recommendations and reminders, such as prompting you to charge your phone or bring a battery pack for a long day out.

It will also estimate the time you’re likely to arrive at work based on the traffic, and will even give you clothing and accessory suggestions based on what the weather’s like.

HTC said it will be introducing more new features in the coming days and weeks.

Before long, Sense Companion will give you restaurant recommendations based on your location.

It will also generate fitness reports based on your total step count and distance covered, and will suggest points of interest based on your travel schedule and location.

HTC Sense Companion will be available on the U Ultra and the U Play over the next two weeks.

Once it has been rolled out to your phone, all you need to do is update the HTC Sense Companion app from the Google Play store, re-launch it and log in. You’ll then see default cards that will suggest useful A.I. features.

More cards will begin to appear over the coming days as HTC Sense Companion learns from you and your user habits.

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