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  5. Britons buy 3.4GB of data a month more than they need

Britons buy 3.4GB of data a month more than they need

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Britons are paying for an average of 3.4GB worth of data each month that they don’t use.

Research conducted by uSwitch shows that mobile customers in the UK are collectively paying for 143 million gigabytes of data every month that never gets used.

Findings showed that one in five smartphone users don't know how much data is included in their tariff, while a more than a quarter of those with a data package don’t know how much they get through each month.

Interestingly, it’s younger customers who are overspending the most, as the average 18-34-year-old pays for 7.5GB of data a month but typically only uses 3.6GB of that.

Meanwhile, a third of mobile users over 55 who pay for a monthly tariff don’t know how much data they’re actually using.

Ernest Doku, mobiles expert at says: “No one wants to go over their data allowance. However, in a bid to prevent overspending and with so many contracts on the market now offering sizeable data bundles, customers can easily fall into the trap of thinking they need more than they’re actually going to use.

“Work out roughly how much data you need - and for added peace of mind, you can always add a slight buffer. You can also set data usage warnings or a cap to make sure you’ll not go over your limit.

“For customers whose usage varies significantly each month, providers are increasingly offering packages that allow customers to adjust how much data they are using on a month-by-month basis, or carry a proportion over into subsequent months.

“Flexi or ‘roll-over’ contracts give users a degree of control over what they are spending each month, but a word of warning: they often require customers to actively update their usage at the end of each month.”

Think you might be overspending? Check out our complete guide to limiting your data usage.

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