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Social media users react to iOS 12’s Screen Time feature

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Social media users have reacted with shock, astonishment and shame at Apple’s new Screen Time feature.

Part of the recently released iOS 12, the feature tracks how users use their phones and provides a weekly report detailing their hour-by-hour use. The idea is that by raising awareness of how much we use our phones, it can help us cut down.

It also has the option of setting limits on certain apps, to stop people using them for too long. Parents can set limits for their children, too.

While some have praised the feature, others have expressed concern about it. “I don’t know if I’m ready for my phone to tell me exactly how much time I spend on it,” wrote one user. “Who else is guilty?” wrote another, while posting a screen grab of their Screen Time report which said they spent an average of over five hours on their phone every day.

If you are concerned about how much you use a particular app, you can put it in Downtime mode. This blacks out the app’s icon during certain times of the day so you can’t launch it without diving into the settings. It applies to work apps like email as well as fun ones like Twitter.

iOS 12 is available now for iPhones dating back as far as the 5S.

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