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  5. Apple to drop support for iPhone SE with iOS 13, rumours suggest

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Apple to drop support for iPhone SE with iOS 13, rumours suggest

New report also suggests iPhone 6 may not work with updated platform.
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Apple’s iPhone SE and iPhone 6s may not work with the next major version of iOS, according to a new rumour.

An Israeli tech site claims that iOS 13 will drop support for a series of older iPhone models when it’s released later this year. While the chances of the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s not working with the software are listed as ‘questionable’, it seems the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s will not be supported.

Apple made a big play of the fact that iOS 12 could work with iPhones up to five years old, with the ability to boost battery life and keep older components lasting longer.

Dropping support for the iPhone SE, in particular, would be a bold move, especially as Apple has been selling that device on its U.S. clearance site as recently as late January.

The same report claims that Apple will stop supporting the iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2, claims which seem unlikely.

Recent rumours suggested that iOS 13 would offer an Android–style dark mode and updated iPad home screen.


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