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Samsung Galaxy S21 Vodafone deals

It’s time to order.

It’s Samsung season! Earlier than expected this year, Samsung has unveiled its latest line of flagship smartphones, the S21 range, and they are available to buy right now.

Three super-spec smartphones were revealed at the latest Samsung Unpacked event, and we’re very excited to get our hands on the S21, S21 Plus, and the S21 Ultra.

The whole range is impressive. But as you may have noticed, there’s the standard S21, the S21 Plus and the S21 Ultra. If you want to know more about the phones, we’ve already written up a detailed everything you need to know guide with all the specs, info and features that these new phones have to offer.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series

And now it’s time to talk deals. All three smartphones in the S21 range are available to buy. And if you're looking for a Vodafone deal, we’ve got a selection of deals for you to choose from for each phone.

Let’s take a look at some of our best Samsung Galaxy S21 Vodafone deals.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Vodafone deals

Vodafone has a great deal on offer for the Galaxy S21 - 100GB of data for just £39 a month and only £100 upfront.

Get the Galaxy S21 with 100GB of data on Vodafone

Need less data? This deal gets you 30GB for just £26 a month. Although there is an upfront fee of £290.

Get the Galaxy S21 on Vodafone with 30GB of data

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Vodafone deals

The Samsung Galaxy S21 plus is available for pre-order on some excellent Vodafone deals.

You can snap it up with 54GB of data for £34 a month and £350 upfront.

Get the Galaxy S21 Plus for £34 a month on Vodafone

Or step up to unlimited data for £66 a month and just £28 up front.

Get the S21 Plus on an unlimited data Vodafone deal

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Vodafone deals

The biggest phone of the range, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has some amazing specs. And you can pick up this impressive smartphone on a data deal from Vodafone.

Go big and get unlimited data for £78 a month and just £28 upfront.

Get the Galaxy S21 Ultra with unlimited data for £78 a month on Vodafone

If you don’t need unlimited data, you can still get 100GB for just £47 a month and £290 upfront.

Get the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra on a Vodafone 100GB data deal

Vodafone also has some exciting incentives for people interested in buying an S21. One is the network's trade in offer which can be accessed via the My Vodafone app. Hand in a Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10 to receive £15 a month off your contract - that's a saving of £360 over the course of your contract.

And if you're a serial upgrader who always needs the latest phone, you'll be safe in the knowledge that you can swap out for the latest handset every 12 months with Vodafone's Annual Upgrade Promise.

If you need even more encouragement to order, some deals even come with free Galaxy Buds headphones, but this offer is only valid till 25 February 2021 so don’t waste any time and secure your new Samsung today.

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