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  5. If you order from these networks, you could have your iPhone 13 by tomorrow!

If you order from these networks, you could have your iPhone 13 by tomorrow!

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The new iPhones are here and Apple fans everywhere have been clamouring to get their hands on one. Queues for Apple Stores returned to their pre-pandemic levels of excitement, with staff cheering at 7:30am as exciting iPhone enthusiasts walked through the doors.

Apple Store Stratford on the iPhone 13 launch

But if you weren’t keen on waiting for doors to open but still want to get the latest Apple gadget, what’s the fastest way to get the new iPhone 13?

Our best iPhone 13 deals

Buying direct from Apple - 1 month

While the excitement of going to the Apple Store is always fun, buying direct from Apple isn’t necessarily the fastest way to get hold of the new iPhone. If you wanted to shop in-store, you’d likely need to make a shopping appointment, at least in the early days after the launch. And due to Covid restrictions, the number of customers allowed in-store at any one time is still fairly limited.

So if, like me, you show up at 7:30am, you might still be turned away if you don’t have an appointment.

If you order online from Apple, deliveries are currently backlogged and won’t start shipping until the end of the month. This means you might not be able to get hold of your shiny new iPhone until the start of November.

1 month for delivery from Apple Store

Our best iPhone 13 deals

Buying your iPhone 13 from a Sky Mobile, Three or EE - 1 to 4 weeks

As some of the largest mobile phone networks, Sky Mobile, Three and EE will of course have plenty of stock of all four versions of the new iPhone 13. You can buy any of them on a 24-month plan from each network, with a number of extras available from each. However, you’ll likely have to wait at least a week for delivery from Sky Mobile or Three, and up to four weeks from EE.

Buying your iPhone 13 from Vodafone or O2 - tomorrow

At the time of writing, the fastest way to get your iPhone 13 is to buy it from Vodafone or O2. Both networks offer a range of contracts that come with a variety of extras, including six months of Disney Plus and six months of Apple Music.

Get the iPhone 13 tomorrow on Vodafone

Both Vodafone and O2 offer free next-day home delivery if you order before 10pm for Vodafone or before midnight for O2.

Get the iPhone 13 tomorrow on O2

If you want to get your new iPhone 13 as soon as possible check out our latest iPhone 13 deals from Vodafone and O2.

Vodafone iPhone 13 deals

O2 iPhone 13 deals

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