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Transferring your mobile number to a new phone

If you're looking to get a new phone but want to keep your current mobile number, read on to learn how to do it simply and seamlessly.

Copying contacts and informing your friends of your new mobile number can seem like endless hassle. Cut this out by transferring your existing number to your new phone and contract. This is called 'porting' your mobile number.

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What is is PAC code? How to transfer your mobile number

Transferring your mobile number can be a easy process, and your network provider should have a clear and easy procedure in place for porting mobile numbers.

Firstly, you will need to call up your current provider and request a PAC code (a Porting Authorisation Code) which should be given to you immediately over the phone or within two hours over by text.

PAC codes are normally made up of three letters and six numbers. You may be charged a small administration fee for your Porting Authorisation Code, though many networks will provide this for free.

PAC number's are only valid for 30 days though so make sure you contact you new provider quickly and quote the code to them to complete the process.

Provided you've fulfilled your contractual obligations (i.e. reached the minimum term of your contract) to your existing network or service provider then you can port your existing number to a different network.

Porting your mobile number when buying online

If you are buying your new mobile online you should still be able to port your mobile number using the following simple steps:

  • Request your PAC code from your existing Network and make a note of it.
  • Select a mobile handset and network tariff combination that suits you and order online.
  • You will be sent your phone once you have passed any necessary credit checks.
  • Get connected by following the instructions that come with your new mobile.
  • Once connected, you will have a temporary mobile number
  • Contact your new network or service provider quoting your temporary number, the number you wish to Port and the PAC your old network provided.
  • Your existing number will then be transferred within a few working days, sometimes even the next working day.

Things you should know about porting

You cannot transfer disconnected numbers so DO NOT cancel your existing contract if you wish to port your mobile number. To transfer your number, when you provide your PAC code to a new network the cancellation process will begin automatically with your old network.

In some cases, your old network may transfer you to a pay as you go plan first, allowing you to cancel your contract and transfer your number at your own convenience.

To port your mobile number you may have to pay a small administration fee to your current network. If you are considering transferring your mobile number you should check this beforehand with your network.

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