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Energy-saving tips for under £25

Energy-saving tips for under £25

£25 isn't much of a price to pay when you stand to save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills.

When most of us hear the words energy-saving we think of grandiose projects to insulate our homes, install triple-glazing in every home and install the world's most efficient boiler, but it needn't be so expensive or time-consuming.

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One small, smart investment can end up reducing your gas and electricity by significant amounts in the long term. Here are ten energy-saving ideas that cost less than £25.

1. The Radiator Booster

Radiator booster The Radiator Booster cuts your heating bills by encouraging the warm air to circulate around your room. It's a small fan that sits on top of your radiator, so the room heats up in half the time. This means your boiler needn't work as hard, saving you money.

What we love about the radiator booster is that it simply helps you maximise the energy you're already generating. While it will need an electricity supply to run the fan it saves you more money on heating than you use powering it. The booster is particularly useful for large rooms.

What does it save?

It's estimated that a Radiator Booster could save you £70 to £140 a year on your heating bill, depending on your household's heating requirements.

2. The Aladdin Auto Vent

Radiator bleeder If you often forget to bleed your radiators, or you can't find the key, you don't need to worry anymore. This little automatic radiator bleeder stays fixed to the radiator and does it for you.

Again, this is a small simple device that once installed you don't have to worry about. Having inefficient heating devices like radiators not working to their full potential is a sure-fire way to increase your heating bills.

What does it save? 

The device lets the air out of the radiator which means you'll increase the heat in your house, which means the boiler won't have to work so hard. The amount you save depends on the amount and size of the radiators in your house.

3. Radiator insulation foil

Radiator insulation foil By installing radiator insulation foil behind your radiator, you effectively redirect the heat into the room rather than it being absorbed into the wall.

Just like the radiator booster and the auto vent, insulation foil is all about maximising the energy you're already producing. What's more, it's simple and cheap to install, a great addition to any heating solution.

What does it save?

Around 35% of heat from your radiators is lost into your walls. Radiator Foil can therefore help you save significant amounts on your heating bills.

4. Energy-saving light bulbs

If you haven't already installed energy-saving lightbulbs , now is the time. Energy-saving light bulbs make cutting your electricity bill effortless and they've come a long way in recent years, so you don't need to worry about poor-quality light.

What's more, new legislation means you're unlikely to find traditional bulbs in shops anymore. Improvements to their design also mean that modern energy-saving bulbs don't suffer from the same problems as earlier models, and light up quickly and to the same intensity as incandescent bulbs.

What does it save?

Installing five new light bulbs can save you around £30 a year, and only costs about £15.

5. Freeloader Pico

Freeloader Pico Power your mobile phone and gadgets for free. The Freeloader Pico is a compact portable solar charger. It comes with a choice of four different connector tips, which means it can charge almost any type of phone and lots of gadgets too.

The Freeloader pico is great as a back-up supply and ideal for camping or festivals.

What does it save? 

YYou can save on mains power and never be left without power for your phone and gadgets ever again.

6. Block draughts

What's the point of heating your home if all the heat is escaping out the windows and doors? The easiest way to save energy and keep the heat in is to identify and block the draughts in your house.

There are lots of ways to block draughts - try expanding foam to squirt into cracks and gaps, or attach a draught excluder to the bottom of your doors. What's more it's cheap and easy to do yourself, just visit you local DIY store.

What does it save?

Using draught excluders, particularly in old, large houses can have a huge impact on your heating bills and improve your level of comfort enormously.

7. A letterbox flap

Ecoflap The letterbox is one of the easiest areas of the house to draught-proof, but is also one of the easiest to forget. You could be losing significant heat, or letting the cold air in through your letter box. An inexpensive flap or brush can help keep the cold air out and the heat in.

What does it save?

By installing a letterbox flap you are making immediate savings on your heating bills, and making your home more comfortable.

8. Chimney balloons

Using a chimney balloon, or chimney pillow, is an efficient way to stop the heat escaping up the chimney and keeps the cold air out. They are very easy to install and inexpensive by comparison with what you'll save.

What does it save?

Studies have shown that 40% of the heat in a room could disappear up the chimney. Using a balloon can therefore have a significant effect on your heating bill.

10. Compare gas and electricity prices

While there are plenty of things you can do to save energy around the home, the quickest easiest and cheapest way to save on your gas and electricity bills is by switching your energy supplier or tariff.

Compare gas and electricity prices with uSwitch today to make sure you're on the cheapest supplier and tariff for you.

What does it save?

It only takes a few minutes, we do all the paperwork for you and you could save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills.

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