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Prepayment meter myths and facts

Switching prepayment plan can save £128/yr

Have a prepayment meter and didn't think you could switch energy plans and save? Read more about the myths and facts surrounding prepayment meters and how you can actually save up to £128*

  • Myth #1 — You can't switch supplier with a prepayment meter

    Fact: most suppliers offer at least one prepayment plan

    Money aside, maybe you don't like your current supplier's customer service, or would like to do your bit by being with a supplier who offers green energy; whatever your reason for wanting to switch away from your current prepayment energy supplier, there are many options of choosing a different supplier to charge you for your energy on prepayment.

  • Myth #2 — You won't save money by switching prepayment plans

    Fact: prepayment customers can currently save up to £128/yr1

    The many different prepayment plans on offer means switching your energy could give you an extra £128 a year

    Certain plans may require you to have a smart meter installed, which could help you cut back energy costs further by providing real-time data in pounds and pence about your energy usage; these can also have the advantage of being topped up via an online account or mobile.

  • Myth #3 — You can't switch supplier with prepayment meter debt

    Fact: with most suppliers, you can switch with up to £500 debt per fuel

    The Debt Assignment Protocol was brought in by Ofgem to ensure it's easier for prepayment customers to switch plans or suppliers, and many suppliers agree to it. It means that suppliers should accept prepayment customers with debt as long as it does not exceed £500 per fuel.

    The debt to the old supplier is paid off by the new supplier who will incorporate the debt into your energy rates when you start receiving energy from them.

  • Myth #4 — You can't switch your supplier or plan if you rent

    Fact: even as a renter, it's your right to switch

    If you are directly responsible for paying your energy bill, you are allowed to switch supplier and plans.

    Clauses in contracts that state a preferred supplier for the property, cannot be used to stop you as a renter from switching and saving on your bills.

Take back control of your energy bills with uSwitch!

We make it easy to compare and save on your prepayment energy costs

How to switch:

1. Enter your postcode: gas and electricity prices are set regionally, and some suppliers only serve certain areas. This will narrow down which plans and suppliers are available to you.

2. Enter your energy details, selecting "prepayment" as the meter type: for the most accurate comparison results, you'll also need to input your household's consumption details. You can get those off your most recent energy bill, or you can estimate them by answering questions about your lifestyle (however this may be less accurate).

3. Review your comparison results and pick a new plan.

4. We inform both your old and new supplier of your switch: your new supplier will then contact you within 10-14 days to let you know when you'll start receiving energy from them.

* Between 1 March and 31 May 2016, people who switched prepayment energy supplier for both gas and electricity with saved an average of £128

Cheapest prepayment energy plans

SupplierPlan namePrice
IRESAIresa Flex1 Prepayment£990Compare now
EDF EnergyBlue+Fixed Prepay March 2018£1035Compare now
Utility WarehouseValue Prepayment£1037Compare now
Economy EnergyValue (Pay As You Go)£1047Compare now
Bristol EnergyBristol Energy Standard prepayment£1052Compare now
OVO EnergySmart PAYG energy (all Online)£1057Compare now
OVO EnergyTraditional PAYG£1057Compare now
EDF EnergyStandard (Variable) Prepayment£1060Compare now
Green Star EnergyRate Watch Pay as you Go£1062Compare now
Co-operative EnergyGreen Pioneer - Prepayment£1063Compare now

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