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Mobile Phone Deals

Looking for a new phone contract? We can help you find your ideal handset on a pay monthly plan that suits your needs.

Happy with your current phone? Compare SIM only deals instead.


62 phones found
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Galaxy S22 front and back

Samsung Galaxy S22

£23.00 per month
100GB 5G data
No upfront

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iPhone 15 front and back

Apple iPhone 15

£45.00 per month
150GB 5G data
No upfront

2 months free insurance
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iPhone 14 front and back

Apple iPhone 14

£29.00 per month
100GB 5G data
£35.00 upfront

2 Months Free Insurance

Uswitch services are provided at no cost to you, but we may receive a commission from the companies we refer you to. If a deal is "promoted" on Uswitch's tables, then it has been lent additional visibility as a result of us securing exclusivity on a great deal, or a commercial agreement to showcase what we believe to be market-leading value to consumers. Learn more about how our site works.

Please note: Mobile networks may increase monthly prices in line with the retail or consumer price index each year during the length of your contract. Please refer to individual network's terms and conditions before signing up.

*£335 is our calculated savings figure from April 2023, which details the potential amount a customer could save per year by keeping their handset and switching to a SIM only deal on Uswitch. See more here: Uswitch savings

Choosing the right mobile phone deal

Whether you're looking for the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any other popular smartphone, we can help you choose a new pay monthly phone contract. Find out more about data packages, benefits, coverage, and which network could be best for you.

Depending on your needs and your budget, there’s a vast range of options out there - and we’ve got loads of deals to choose from.

What are the main benefits of a pay monthly phone contract?

Here are some benefits you can look forward to when you sign up for a pay-monthly phone contract (and a few potential cons to be aware of too).

Pros of a pay monthly contract

Lower upfront costs - Pay monthly packages are a great way of getting the latest phones without having to pay loads upfront.

Larger allowances - You usually get a bigger text, call and data allowances compared to pay-as-you-go deals. Perfect if you’re always on the phone.

Convenience - There’s no need to fuss with top ups. You can just set up your Direct Debit and your payments will automatically come out of your account.

Freebies - Your pay monthly plan may come with a reward or free gift like a subscription to a streaming service. Be mindful of whether this is actually good value.

Cons of a pay monthly contract

Locked in for longer - Pay monthly contracts last 12, 24, or 36 months, so you’re making a long term financial commitment.

Credit checks - Most networks require you to pass a credit check before you’re able to sign up for a pay monthly contract.

Pay more in the long run - Since you’re not covering the full cost of the phone upfront, you’ll usually end up paying a little more than if you bought the device outright.

How can I find the best phone contract?

When picking the right plan, it’s essential to think about how you use your phone. You don’t want to end up being tied into a contract that doesn’t suit your lifestyle.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Select the right phone model

Whether it’s the latest iPhone 14 or Samsung Galaxy S23, or smartphones from brands like OnePlus and Oppo, finding the best mobile phone contract deal starts with the right phone. Choose a model that includes all of your most-used features.

Check out our phone comparison table for help deciding.

2. Calculate your call, text and data usage

Consider how much you’ll use your phone for things like texting, calls, streaming, or browsing websites, and pick an allowance to match.

Most phone contracts now include unlimited call and text allowances. Unlimited data contracts are harder to come by, though you can get unlimited SIM only data deals from networks such as Vodafone and Three.

Not sure how much data you need? Use our mobile data calculator to get a helpful estimate.

3. Check your network coverage

Some rural areas don't have the best mobile phone coverage, so check the coverage for your chosen provider before signing up for a pay monthly contract that could tie you in for as long as two years.

Our mobile phone statistics show that people in urban areas are more likely to connect to a 4G network than in rural areas (83% vs. 77%).

4. Budget for upfront and monthly costs

When you get a contract phone, you pay for the handset and allowances in monthly instalments over your contract length.

You may have to pay something upfront to help cover the cost of the handset. If you can afford to pay more upfront, your monthly costs will be lower as you’ll pay less in total over your contract length. If not, there are lots of mobile contracts available without upfront costs.

5. Choose your contract length

Usually phone contracts last from 12 to 36 months. A longer contract allows you to spread the cost over a longer term, so you won’t have to pay as much every month for your phone - but you'll usually pay more in the long run than shorter contracts.

And it's also worth noting that on shorter contracts, you may have to pay quite a bit upfront to help cover the cost of the phone.

How do pay monthly phone contracts work?

When you find a handset and deal you like, you can continue to the retailer’s website to buy it. Here’s what happens next:

Sign up to your new contract - Check your deal and contract terms first. Then provide personal details for your credit check.

Pay any upfront costs - If you’re getting one of the latest handsets, you mighty have to pay a fee upfront.

Get your phone - Hooray! Now you can start using your new mobile phone.

Plan for the end of your contract - Make a note of your contract end date, so you can shop for the best deals when it’s time to upgrade.

Can I keep my old phone number?

Switching to a new mobile phone plan? Keen to keep your current number? Good news, you can port over your number in a few simple steps, all you need is your PAC code. Here's how to get it:

  1. Text 'PAC' to 65075 and you'll get a message back with your PAC code

  2. Call your new network and give them your PAC code when you sign up for a new deal

  3. You'll now be able to use the same number on your new plan!

How to compare mobile contract deals with Uswitch

From pay monthly smartphone contracts to SIM only deals, Uswitch can help you compare thousands of offers to help you find the best package for your needs.

Our mobile phone deals include phone contracts under £20, Android phone deals, 5G mobile phone deals, refurbished iPhones, business mobile deals and SIM-free phone leasing.

Using the latest mobile phone statistics, we can ensure that what you are getting really is the best that the market has to offer.

Compare deals by brand

Need to compare phones at a glance? Whether you want an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or Sony smartphone, check out our phone comparison table for all the top brands.

Compare deals by network

We make finding a new mobile phone pay monthly deal easy by putting offers from all the major networks, including O2, Vodafone, Sky, Three, giffgaff, iD Mobile, Lebara, Tesco Mobile, Talkmobile, VOXI, SMARTY, Lyca Mobile and Asda Mobile on easy-to-compare deals tables.

Just select or search for the handset you want above, and you’ll be able to filter by the network you want.

Compare contract deals by cost

If you prefer to filter deals by monthly cost, you can. You can apply filters for call minutes, upfront cost and contact length too.

You can also sort by data allowance or cost, just click the filter you’re most interested in to see your ideal deals.

What’s the difference between a contract plan and a SIM only deal?

When you sign up for a contract you’ll get a smartphone and price plan that you’ll pay for over the duration of your agreement. This plan will also cover your data, call time and texts.

You won’t get a phone with a SIM only deal, so you’ll need to have one already or be prepared to buy one SIM-free. This means you’ll have to pay the whole cost of the phone upfront. SIM only speaks for itself - you just get a SIM card.