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Refurbished Mobile Phones

  • Nearly-new, reconditioned phones at cheaper prices
  • Phones fully tested, repaired and cleaned
  • Covered by manufacturer guarantee
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Refurbished Phone Deals

Looking to pick up a smartphone at a discounted price? Then a refurbished phone could be the answer.

Refurbished phones are nearly-new handsets that have been returned to the manufacturer for reasons we'll explain later on.

Before being re-sold they’ll have been tested extensively to ensure they’re in good working order.

Refurbished phones also include a warranty, so you can return them in the event that there's a fault.

What is a refurbished phone?

The term ‘refurbished phones’ refers to pre-owned handsets that have been returned to their manufacturer.

This may be because the previous owner chose to upgrade at the end of their contract and traded in their existing phone. Or because they took advantage of an early-upgrade scheme, such as O2 Refresh.

Refurbished phones can also be handsets where a fault was discovered, which the manufacturer has since fixed.

Once refurbished phones are in the hands of the manufacturer, they are cleaned-up, repackaged and tested to ensure that all the functions are in working order. They’re then made available to buy.

Other popular terms used for refurbished phones include ‘refreshed phones’ and ‘reconditioned phones’.

What’s the difference between a refurbished phone and a new one?

A refurbished phone will be identical to a brand new one in every way. The only difference is that you may not get the original box, but will be sent the phone in a generic, plain package.

Despite being repackaged, refurbished phones come with everything you need, including a charger, manual and battery.

However, extras that were bundled free with the phone originally, such as headphones, may not be included.

Refurbished phone testing

The testing process for a refurbished phone is extensive. Testers will check everything from reception to the ringer right through to the keypad and the charger.

In keeping with the data protection act, they’ll also ensure that any data left on the phone by the previous owner is wiped.

Refurbished phone warranties

All refurbished phones will come with a warranty. The length and scope of this varies depending on the retailer you buy from.

However, with up to 12 months coverage, you should be amply covered. And, if you feel you need to, you can always take out insurance thereafter.

Refurbished vs brand new

One thing to bear in mind is that if the phone you want has just hit the market, it’s unlikely to be available on a refurbished phone deal straight away.

However, if getting a good deal is more important to you, you’ll probably be happy to wait.

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