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EE named UK’s best network for speed and reliability

EE has once again been named the UK’s best network by mobile comparison number-crunchers Rootmetrics, sealing wins in all six performance categories.

EE scooped first place for Network Reliability, Network Speed, Data Performance, Text Performance and Overall Performance. The network, which has invested heavily in infrastructure improvements, tied with Three for first place in the Call Performance category.

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Three was placed second overall and was second in Network Reliability, Data Performance, Text Performance, Call Performance. But was third for Network Speed.

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O2 had a less impressive time of it and finished fourth in all categories. A showing that was somewhat mitigated by an improved showing in Text Performance and by a strong showing in Northern Ireland.

The network shared first place with EE, Three and Vodafone in Overall Performance, Network Reliability and Call Performance and tied with EE in the top spot for Text Performance

Scott Stonham, general manager for RootMetrics in Europe, said: “We’re starting to see that capital expenditure in the latest network infrastructure, such as EE’s investment in VoLTE pays off in the form of improved customer experience.

“According to IHS Markit research, capex is expected to grow moderately this year, and we will see the foundations being laid for fibre plant and 5G.

“It will be fascinating to see how the operators balance the creation of the networks of the future and maintaining and improving existing infrastructure.”

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