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iD Mobile Data Cushion: everything you need to know

iD Mobile has today (27th March) launched what it’s describing as the UK’s first ever ‘Data Cushion’ on monthly mobile phone contracts, to give its customers “complete peace of mind”.

Under the terms of the scheme, new iD Mobile customers will get an emergency pot of 10GB of data free of charge, which they can tap into whenever they want.

That means that as well as knowing there’s data there when you really need it, you won’t have to add data at out-of-bundle rates and pay over the odds.

So what else do you need to know? Here’s our pick of the key points.

That 10GB has got to last you

Smartphone taxi uber

10GB is enough data to watch three hours of HD content on Netflix. But then you wouldn’t have it on-hand when you really need it.

For example, when you need to book an Uber on a bitingly cold night. Or you’re lost in one of the less salubrious parts of the big city and you need to find the fastest route out.

The emergency pot of data iD Mobile is giving you has got to last you the 24-month duration of your contract. So use it wisely, young grasshopper.

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It’s always-on and on a range of contracts

Once your monthly data runs out, you’ll immediately start using your Data Cushion.

It’s not included with all contracts, though. Only with a selection of those that offer monthly data allowances of 2GB or above.

It’s also not on SIM-only iD Mobile deals. Solely on contracts bundled with a mobile phone.

Data Cushion is for new customers only

If you’re an existing iD Mobile customer, you won’t get the Data Cushion. Until the time comes to re-contract, that is.

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