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The BLU Life Max: five things you need to know

It’s big, it’s BLU, it’s back. Yes, budget brand BLU has got a new handset out and it’s worth getting excited about. With lots of high-end features and a very low price, the BLU Life Max promises great value for money.

So when is it on sale? How much will it cost? And what exactly will you get for your outlay? Read on to find out five things you need to know about the BLU Life Max.

1. Lots of phone for your money


The BLU Life Max is set to retail at £109.99, making it significantly cheaper than lots of rival handsets that have similar features.

Incredibly for the price, the phone boasts a rear fingerprint scanner, a curved glass display and a traditional headphone jack. It also comes with a respectable 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and a 5-megapixel selfie shooter. Both cameras have an LED flash so you can carry on taking photos after dark.

The 6-inch device has a polished metal frame and faux leather back cover. So far, it’s only available in in one colour. No prizes for guessing that colour is blue.

Despite the budget price, this phone actually comes with a bunch of extras in the box. In addition to the handset and charger, you also get a screen protector, a pair of earphones and a phone case.

2. Great battery life

BLU Life Max

The stand-out feature of this phone is the phenomenal 3700 mAh battery. To put this into perspective, it’s significantly bigger than the iPhone 7’s 2900 mAh battery and the Galaxy S7’s 3000 mAh battery.

This means that the battery can survive at least two days of heavy usage before you have to recharge it and it can last for weeks on standby.

The phone is pretty slow to charge though, so once you’re out of juice, you’ll have to resign yourself to leaving your phone plugged in for a few hours before it’s fully recharged.

3. Expandable storage and minimal bloatware


As you might expect with a phone of this price, you can’t store endless apps and images on it without running out of memory pretty quickly. The BLU Life Max comes with 16GB of storage, which won’t leave you loads of room for videos and game saves.

Still, the phone only comes with a few pre-loaded apps, so the phone’s memory won’t be get used up by unnecessary bloatware. Even better, you can delete any apps you don’t want to make room for the stuff you do want.

If you’re still struggling for space, you can buy a microSD expansion card with up to 64GB of storage.

4. Android Nougat on its way

android nougat

The BLU Life Max runs Android Marshmallow 6.0 out of the box.

But BLU sources have since confirmed that they are looking to roll out Android Nougat for the Life Max later in the year. So, Life Max owners won’t have to wait long to get the latest Android operating system.

5. Available to pre-order now


To reward eager customers, the BLU Life Max is available to pre-order for just £89.99. After the official release, scheduled for 6th March, the phone will retail at £109.99.

As with previous BLU products, the Life Max will be sold exclusively on Amazon.

Pre-order the BLU Life Max today

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