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WWDC 2017: five things to expect

wwdc 17

Apple has announced that it will hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote on 5th June.

The talk, which opens the event in San Jose, will see the Cupertino company reveal a job lot of new software, with plans afoot for new hardware too.

Want the inside line on what Apple will reveal? Read on and we’ll tell you five things you can expect to see at WWDC.

1) iOS 11

iPhone 8 geskin renders

Apple’s updated software for iPhone and iPad will be the main reveal at WWDC, as it has been for years.

Unlike iPhone 8 gossip, rumours about iOS 11 have been thin on the ground, largely because, unlike its partner–made hardware, Apple is in sole control of its software. However, a couple of juicy titbits suggest iOS 11 could offer some major changes compared with last year’s iOS 10.

One rumour claims that Apple will turn Apple Pay into a peer to peer payment tool, allowing users to pay contacts via iMessage. Elsewhere, Apple is said to be planning on making FaceTime Audio the default way of making calls to other iPhone users, a move networks are bound to detest. Updates to Siri are also expected.

Speaking of which...

2) A Siri Speaker


Siri has been part of iOS for six years. But in that time it’s failed to truly catch on, despite a number of improvements and Apple opening the service up to third party apps.

Tim Cook and co are looking to change that, however, with plans afoot to launch a home speaker with Siri built in. Reports suggest it’ll even have a screen for FaceTime calls. This would give Apple an Amazon Echo rival and some hardware to talk up after WWDC.

3) watchOS

Apple Watch Series 2 design

Apple’s operating system for its smartwatch has been the subject of major updates in the past. But never has so much been riding on the software. The Apple Watch appears to be struggling, with major app makers pulling their add–ons from the device.

The new version of watchOS should point the way towards the Apple Watch becoming a standalone device, capable of making and taking calls independently over an iPhone. Such a device is expected later this year, so WWDC should provide some clues about Apple’s long–awaited update

4) Augmented Reality

Apple VR headset concept

Tim Cook has made no secret of the fact he’s a big fan of augmented reality (AR), the tech which allows users to overlay virtual content across real views from their smartphone’s screen.

How this will pan out in practice is not clear, but it’s likely that Cook will show how iOS 11 can handle such tech and what apps can work with it. AR will probably work exclusively with the iPhone 8, giving plenty of scope for more gossip about the company’s upcoming smartphone.

5) Smart battery

iphone 6 battery charging

Battery life remains a key issue for iPhone owners, with Apple refusing to offer larger power packs and instead focusing on using components that are more efficient.

One rumour claims iOS 11 will have a context aware battery feature, which will fire up Low Power mode when it knows users have left trusted networks and are unlikely to be near a power source.

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