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SMARTY deals and offers

  • Get money off for unused data
  • You can change your plan every month
  • Uses Three’s network, with over 90% 4G coverage
Why choose Smarty?

SMARTY is a SIM only network that's "built to be simple and honest". Its unique selling point is that it takes your unused data each month and turns it into a discount on your next bill.

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Everything you need to know about SMARTY

SMARTY is a subsidiary of Three and uses its parent company’s network to offer 91% 4G coverage across the UK.

Specialising in competitively priced SIM-only plans, Smarty aims to set itself apart with a money-back incentive for unused data.

Here we’ll take a look at that in more detail, as well as everything else Smarty has to offer.


SMARTY bills itself as the “simplest and most honest network ever” and offers just three SIM-only plans, dubbed Small, Medium and Large. All of which feature unlimited UK calls and texts.

  • Small gets you a monthly allowance of 2GB of data for £7.50 per month
  • Medium includes a 4GB monthly data allowance for £10 per month
  • Large is £15 per month and buys you a monthly allowance of 8GB


As you might expect for a network that’s focussed on value, SMARTY doesn’t offer the kind of attention-grabbing customer incentives, such as giveaways and cheap tickets, that you get with the likes of O2 Priority.

But that’s not to say it’s not without some unique selling points. These are:

  • Money back for unused data If you’ve got any unused data at the end of the month, SMARTY will take money off your next bill. You’ll get £1.25 for each unused 1GB.
  • No long contracts SMARTY plans operate on a month-to-month rolling contract basis. So you can cancel whenever you like.
  • Extensive coverage SMARTY uses Three’s network. That means you get 91% 4G coverage across the UK.
  • Referral scheme SMARTY customers who get a friend to join them on the network will be a given a free month. And the friend gets a free month too. Persuade 12 friends to join and SMARTY will give you a whole year free.


SMARTY's service is based on parent company Three’s network. So you’ll get 91% 4G coverage, as well as 97% 3G coverage.


At the time of writing, SMARTY doesn’t offer roaming and is a UK-only network. As a result, you can’t use your UK allowances abroad.

It’s also worth noting that because SMARTY is a UK-only network, you won’t be able to make international calls.

But you can get around that by using a VOIP service, such as Skype. That means you’ll be using your data to make the call.

Keen to find out more about roaming charges? Here's everything you need to know.

Customer service

SMARTY doesn’t offer customer service telephone support. However, customers can contact support by visiting the SMARTY site and starting a web chat.

The web chat service is available from 8am to 8pm every day, except Bank Holidays.

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