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  5. New mobile phone software shows the way to cheap deals

New mobile phone software shows the way to cheap deals

New technology promises to allow shoppers to find the cheapest deals in shops via their mobile phones.

The shopping multi-agency system (SHOMAS) employs a wireless internet connection and allows handset owners to input products into the phone, which will then direct them to the store where it is cheapest.

SHOMAS also sends text messages to alert mobile users to cheap goods on offer in their locale.

The technology follows the launch of the G1 phone or Google phone, which employed a bar code scanner and GPS to perform a similar service.

Richard Perks, the director of retail research at the market researchers Mintel, said: "We are on the threshold of cracking new technology that will make a real impact on our lives."

According to a report from the Telegraph, SHOMAS is currently in use at a shopping mall in Spain, with UK shopping centres such as the Bull Ring and Lakeside said to be interested in conducting trials.

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