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T-Mobile revamps Business Plan-1

T-Mobile has today announced a plan to make its business-targeted mobile phone plans simpler and cheaper, in a move it claims will help firms negotiate the credit crunch and cement the provider’s Business 1-Plan’s status as the “best value tariff on offer to the UK business market”.

Under the new terms of the Business 1-Plan, businesses benefit from unlimited texts on contracts of between 24 and 36 months. This is alongside the unlimited free UK landline calls that are already part of the plan and represents the first time that a UK mobile phone network has offered unlimited texts as part of a standard tariff for UK businesses.

Also added to the Business 1-Plan is what T-Mobile calls a European Shared Call Allowance, which lets firms divide up its allocation of free international calls among its employees. Calls made when in foreign locales are unconstrained by networks or time of day. T-Mobile said that it is the only network offering shared roaming bundles for businesses.

Finally, a specific additional option aimed at BlackBerry owners is now included that gives them unlimited instant e-mail in the UK and unlimited e-mail in 130 countries on 277 networks, subject to a fair use policy.

Oliver Chivers, head of business marketing for T-Mobile UK, said the move was borne out of an awareness of the “tough conditions that many UK businesses are currently operating under” and “will provide them with greater peace of mind and better control over their expenditure”.

Mr Chivers added: “By reducing the complexity and cost of mobile communications wherever you need to work, we are confident that the new components of Business 1-Plan offer the most comprehensive and best value to the UK market. We know that Business customers have other critical priorities, which is why we are pioneering clear value without compromising on service.”

The T-Mobile Business-1 Plan revamp comes days after if confirmed that its business customers will be given the option to buy the BlackBerry Curve 8900 before it is officially released to the general public, who must wait until it hits the UK on February 11th.

Features of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 include a 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS, quad-band, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support and a microSD slot to boost its onboard memory. The mobile is the thinnest BlackBerry yet and has been subject to mounting excitement on technology sites.

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