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  5. Sun shines on LG’s eco-friendly mobile phone

Sun shines on LG’s eco-friendly mobile phone

LG has unveiled its entry to the market for environmentally friendly phones at the Mobile World Congress.

The phone, which has yet to be given an official name, employs a solar panel on its rear to harness the sun’s rays and recharge its battery.

According to the Korean mobile phone and white goods giant, the handset can store enough power to make a three minute call with just ten minutes of exposure to natural daylight.

LG also confirmed that it is bringing out a solar panel back cover that can be used to other LG phones.

News of the company’s move into what appears to be a rapidly growing market comes a matter of days after Samsung unveiled its own environmentally friendly phone at the world’s largest mobile phone expo.

The Blue Earth handset also uses solar power and is constructed from recycled plastic recovered from water bottles.

Eco enthusiasts will appreciate an environmentally friendly option on the phone that lets you cut screen brightness and limit the time that the backlight stays on.

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