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  5. Top-secret Microsoft phone stolen at expo

Top-secret Microsoft phone stolen at expo

A prototype of Microsoft’s new handset, which was equipped with its new software, was stolen at the Mobile World Congress, sparking mass panic among the company’s representatives.

The phone is believed to have gone missing from the pocket of one of Telstar’s executives at the trade expo just hours after Windows Mobile 6.5 was unveiled to ranks of journalists and buyers.

He had been given the device so that he could test out the top-secret software before he reported it missing at a post-show dinner.

As well as embarrassing the company, the theft could have huge implications for Microsoft and could delay or even jeopardise the official launch date of the software.

A statement from Telstar read: "One of our product executives was given the phone to test the system. He had it with him at an organised evening event and it was stolen from him – we don't know by whom."

"I'm not clear on what the security implications of the theft will be. That is for Microsoft to say."

Windows Mobile 6.5 allows users to access a free online back up service for storing contacts and documents and also offers a revamped Windows Marketplace.

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