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Mobile gaming to become mass market at last

Everywhere you look this week mobile gaming is in the headlines. Whether it’s take-up growing for Nokia’s N-Gage service, or further rumours of a PSP-branded handset, it’s been hard to avoid the impression that handset gaming is the big story du jour.

So does this mean that it’s finally going to go from a niche concern to a more mass market leisure pursuit? In truth, it’s hard to say – after all column inches don’t always translate into sales. But even the most vinegary churl would have to concede that the signs are good.

None more so than the arrival of the first motion control game on the N-Gage platform. You’ve only to look at how the Nintendo Wii has brought casual gamers back in floods to see the appeal of games whose intuitive controls mean that they are easy to pick up and play.

And there are other reasons to be cheerful, too. Game applications were recently revealed to be among the most popular apps at Apple’s app store. The popularity of iPhone games being further borne out by the fact that of the 25,000 apps available some 6,700 are games.

This coupled with the relative cheapness of gaming apps, means that Top 10 Mobile Phones is backing 2009 to be the year that mobile gaming takes over.

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