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  5. Mobile phone users vulnerable to identity theft

Mobile phone users vulnerable to identity theft

Millions of Britons are leaving themselves vulnerable to identity theft by not using passwords on their mobile phones, a new survey suggests.

In a poll of London commuters conducted by security firm Credant it was discovered that four in ten people do not use a password on their handset.

Credant calculates that were these results to be repeated nationwide around 4.2 million Britons would be at risk of identity theft.

PIN numbers and bank account details were among the sensitive information typically stored on smartphones, with 24 per cent and 16 per cent of the sample respectively admitting to using their phone for this purpose.

Meanwhile, 77 per cent of those polled said they kept work-related addresses and names on their phone.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at security company Sophos, told BBC Online: "If you are ever going to store sensitive info on your mobile phone you must ensure it's protected by a good password - or even better a pass-phrase.

"It shouldn't be a simple word like password or a dictionary word, or something easy to guess if someone knows you. If there's the option, you should encrypt the data on your phone as well. If nothing else you don't want someone who steals your phone making phone calls."

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